An Organized Entry Hall

Organizing your entry hall can be simple. You’ll need a place for your keys, shoes, jackets and bags (handbag, diaper bag, project bag, etc.). If you have a hall closet, use it. Hang jackets, use the top shelf for a couple of baskets to hold gloves/mittens/scarves or goggles, bathing suits, and sunscreen for warm-weather months. Use cedar shoe shelving or a hanging storage to house shoes that are most often worn (stick to just two pairs per person to not overload this space with shoes).

If you’re without a hall closet, consider a coat rack and concealed shoe storage that looks like a piece of furniture OR a bench and shelf up above where you can hang jackets and put other items.

Place a key rack on the wall near the front door, but I would suggest not directly next to it and keep it up at your eye level so little ones can’t get hold of keys. You’ll also want a place to put your bag (which could go in the closet on a hook) and other bags to hold for example, items to return to the store or others, project bag that you transport, and a diaper bag if you’re in that stage.

Add hooks to the inside of the closet door at kid level so you can have a bag for your little one(s). Once they reach about two- to three-years-old, you can teach them to hold their bag and where to put it when you arrive home.

Avoid placing items in the entry hall that are not used on a daily basis. The hall closet can be used for storage, but utilize this space for coats/jackets, shoes, backpacks, stroller, etc. In other words, not for permanently stored items such as photos, electronics boxes that you need to hold on to for the warranty period, etc.

Think of this area as a container for your personal belongings you take with you each day and bring home that evening.

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