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How to turn household organization into Test Prep

  In today’s post, we will be discussing how preparation for the gifted and talented test can be integrated into activities of daily life, such as household organization. Organization is not only a critical life skill for your child’s academic and personal success, but can serve as a novel exploration of vocabulary concepts. When a… Read More How to turn household organization into Test Prep


Filing Simplified

Filing and managing paperwork doesn’t have to be horrible! It becomes an issue when its neglected over a long period of time and then ones filing cabinet becomes full of irrelevant information. What exactly does that mean? Well, by now, we’ve all heard the statistic that 80% of what we file we NEVER look at… Read More Filing Simplified


An Organized Entry Hall

Organizing your entry hall can be simple. You’ll need a place for your keys, shoes, jackets and bags (handbag, diaper bag, project bag, etc.). If you have a hall closet, use it. Hang jackets, use the top shelf for a couple of baskets to hold gloves/mittens/scarves or goggles, bathing suits, and sunscreen for warm-weather months.… Read More An Organized Entry Hall