Clever Solution for Stuff

I hung a life-saver of a product on the back of the bathroom door recently. The Clever Pockets helped us clear the bathroom vanity, which makes cleaning much easier. We are using the Floral Black mini stash in my daughters bathroom. Surprisingly, there are still two empty pockets!

What I love about this product is that ist not exclusive to the bathroom. Nope! There are a ton of uses around the home, which Ive outlined below:

In the Kitchen, store candles, mixes, cake decorating supplies, teas, coffees, spices, or pastas.

In the Hall closet store gloves, hats, scarves, shoes, small umbrellas, tennis balls, electronics, and kids toys.

In the Utility Room store electronic cords, cleaning supplies, stain sticks, medicines, batteries, and first aid supplies.

In the Babys Room store diapers, diaper creme, tights, socks, lotions, wipes, clothes, and burp cloths.

In the Bathroom store medicines, first aid, toiletries, make up, and shaving needs.

In the Office store scissors, paper clips, business cards, stapler/staples, and stamps.

In the Guest Room store note cards, crafts, sewing supplies, and soaps.

In the Den store small toys, card games, WII game accessories, movies.

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Whats nice about the Clever Pockets is that unlike the standard white backing, these provide a decorative feel and dont look so sterile; they blend in and add to the surroundings with the colorful design.

The Clever Pockets come in different sizes, including Mini and Original. The Original 20 Pockets, overall size is 19 x 52, and the Mini has 15 pockets (5 larger middle pockets and 5 smaller pockets on either size) with an overall size of 19 X 36.

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