Head to the Sailing Coble Festival

Expectations seem to be quite high in regards to Sailing Coble Festival which is being held in Bridlington in this year. It is being expected that it is going to be the best and the biggest one till now. The two-day event is going to start from 9:30 in the morning will continue till 3:30 in the evening on 27th of July Saturday and 28th of July Sunday from 9:30 in the morning till 4:30 in the evening.

It is being expected that coble enthusiasts and visitors from along the coast are going to support the festival of Bridlington for the exclusive maritime attraction. The vessels are going to be moored close to Harbor Heritage Museum, with some arriving from Turkey where they are used as charter vessels. There is going to open with free admission and will be seen sailing from different vantage points in the bay along with the North Pier and seafront.

It is being expected that fourteen sailing cobles are going to show up this year. No doubt, this is going to be the largest gathering of the year. The two cobles who are attending this for the first time this year are Julie B created by David Winspear in 1998 at Ruswarp and Providence being restored by Steve Cook. The former one has been refitted by the new owners.

Three vessels are going to arrive for this event from South Shields will include a Rachel Douglas, forty-foot ring, Henry Frederick Swan ex-sailing lifeboat, and Granby, the sterned keelboat built-in 1983.

BSCPS has organized the event for the weekend with the support of Bridlington Harbor Commissioners. A large number of sailing cobles are going to be present for the annual event that has also attracted a few other conventional vessels in this year. Many trader stalls are going to be available that will include model boats, book, traditional displays, and paintings.

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