When is Too Much Reality (TV) Enough?

Not too long ago, I read a blog post from John Trosko, an organizer in Los Angeles, about the new show on A&E called Storage Wars. The show chronicles the lives of four tough guys who basically prey on those who have stored their stuff in public storage facilities, then lapsed on the rent and now their stuff is up for grabs. John pointed out that this shows only a nano-second of the

John pointed out that this shows only a nano-second of the victim’s side of the story and condones (just by the sheer fact that it focuses on the tough guys) the predatory style of these men searching for the American Dream. Ha.

My opinion on public storage is in agreement with Johns. There are only a few reasons one should ever use public storage:

  • Home Construction: You’re involved in a home renovation (and need to clear the house so workers can kick up construction dust);
  • Working out of State: You’re leaving to go out of state or the country (many folks in Hollywood work overseas for film and music projects for extended periods of time and rent out their homes);
  • Quick Home Sale: In-between living arrangements (our current economy has created some tricky relocation scenarios)

Other than those reasons, it’s time to evaluate your personal situation and make some decisions.

Clutter = Other peoples expectations of us + indecision

TV is no longer the escape from reality it once was. It’s now a smack in the face with other people’s reality, which in all honesty I don’t really want to see. If I wanted drama, yelling and nasty people in my life, then Id engage them personally. I think

I think it’s important to ask ourselves why we would want to sit in our home (hopefully it’s our sanctuary) and watch other people argue. We all know that it costs a lot less money to produce an unscripted show and the train-wreck factor has got millions tuning in.

Personally, I no longer watch much television and if I do, its mainly HGTV and a few drama series. There is one exception, however: I am fascinated with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills mainly because I love to see the lifestyle (but can’t stand the constant conflict between Kim and Kyle family dysfunction at its finest!).

I doubt I’ll tune into Storage Wars (not even linking to it!). I’m in agreement with John Trosko: I don’t want to watch a bunch of thugs benefiting from someone else’s hard times.

Has our society forgotten how to put themselves in other people’s shoes? Apparently so!

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