Want to do world-class interior design? Here are 20 effective tips

The world’s leading interior designers are constantly experimenting with the use of color, light, furniture, etc. in interior design. And as a result, new styles are being created, the trend of interior design is changing.

Today we will discuss 20 important tips given by all these renowned interior designers. You can make a radical change in your design style by applying these tips that are very small and simple in your interior design, you can create a world-class interior design.

1. Give place to modernity and tradition as well

Include some antique furniture and interior decoration in modern interior design. That will change the look of the whole house. You can run such experiments everywhere from the living room to the dining room. In the words of New York-based Caleb Anderson, “In addition to new and old spaces, the combination of modern decor and antiques is never old.”

2. Divide the design into 70-30

Divide the total space of the house into 70-30 parts, arrange 70 percent of the house in a certain style, the remaining 30 percent in a completely opposite style. For example, 80 percent of the decoration was given to modern furniture and decorations and the remaining 30 percent was given to the old furniture and decorations.

3. Use natural light

There is no substitute for natural light. Let the light airplay in the room as much as possible. Plan the interior design of the house using natural light. Make natural light a part of the design. In the words of interior designer Catherine Cuong, “There is no substitute for natural light. Give the sunlight a chance to get in – the bigger the window the better.

Also, choose the right color depending on the natural light coming into the room. Use bright colors in rooms where there is less light, you can use pink or red in the open room on the west side, blue or blue color is better for an open room on the east side, or white.

4. Use the right bulb

In the words of the famous American interior designer Paloma Contreras, “Choosing the right bulb is very important. LED bulbs are energy-efficient and good looking. ” You can use pendant lamps to bring a touch of modernity in the interior design of the house. When choosing a pendant lamp, buy a pendant lamp with a fancy design that is easily noticeable.

The height at which the pendant lamp will be installed depends on the style of the lamp, the height of the ceiling of the house and the height of the occupants of the house. Normally the pendant lamp should be hung 2.4 m above the floor in the sitting area and the distance of the lamp from the table in the dining area should be 75 cm.

5. Use a new type of switch instead of the usual switch

Although the issue of switches is very small, if you use a new design switch in the interior design of the house, it can easily catch the eye of the people and make the whole house look different. There are many modern and fancy designs available today. Choose a new type of switch to suit the overall design and mood of the room.

6. Use dark and bright colors

The common belief is that the use of dark colors makes the house look smaller. However, modern interior designers are breaking away from this idea and are gradually moving towards darker and brighter colors. According to them, dark and bright colors can change the mood of the house. Some designers even talk about the use of black paint on the walls of the house.

According to Carrie Funds Land of Los Angeles, “The misconception that black walls match any style, that darker colors make space look smaller, is gradually disappearing.”

7. Adjust the color scheme of the interior design

The use of high-contrast colors in current interior design has increased. According to experts, this results in the opening of the interior decoration of the house. If you want to do a three-color scheme, it is wrong to use the original color in 80 percent, the second color in 30 percent and the accent color in the remaining 10 percent.

After that, if a fourth color is to be used, it can be used in the middle of the second color, if necessary, it can be used in the middle color, but it can never be used in the middle of the accent color.

8. Follow the 50/150 rule in case of stripe color

For a perfect color stripe, take 50 percent lighter and 150 percent darker colors than the initial color. In the words of renowned designer Mary Douglas Drysdale, “This is an infallible method for wall stripes. It is also a very architectural way of using color. ”

9. Use tall furniture in low ceiling rooms

In rooms where the ceiling height is low, the use of tall furniture will show the height of the room more. On the other hand, if you keep the furniture there, the room will feel more inferior. So keep a high bookcase, show-case or wardrobe in a room with low ceilings.

10. Arrange things in odd numbers

The magic number in interior design is three. Put cushions, vases, pictures, anything, in three or odd numbers. According to expert interior designers, odd numbers easily attract people’s attention and create a kind of interest, even numbers can never do that.

11. Keep enough space to move around the house

Make sure there is enough space in the house where there is less activity. For example, the seating area should be about 45 cm between the sofa, chair and table. As a result, there is enough space for arms and legs to move and you don’t have to lean too much to have a cup of tea. Or you don’t need to shout to talk.

12. Bring a touch of sincerity to the seating furniture

Guests who come home first come to the living room or sitting room. To most guests this place is the hallmark of the whole house. Besides, the people living in the house also spend their free time here comfortably. As a result, this space is very important in interior design. Make sure there is a touch of sincerity in the decoration from the furniture here. If there is open space and the seating area is quite large then create a cozy comfortable and intimate space by placing the sofa opposite the wall. And if the seating area is too small, place a large sofa next to the wall, and a few light chairs next to and opposite it.

13. Repeat the same geometric shape

Use the same geometric shape over and over again in different things in interior design, this will make the room look consistent. For example, suppose you used square photo frames, cushions, tables, rugs or carpets of different sizes and also used round mirrors, vases and sofas.

14. Use the same floor design throughout the house

One of the most important parts of interior design of a home is the floor. Make sure the floor design is attractive and matches the rest of the design. Plus, the house looks bigger if you use the same floor design throughout the house. If the seating area is open and a lot of floor can be seen, bring variety by using carpet.

15. Use attractive colors and designs on the ceiling

Although white has dominated the color of the ceiling since ancient times, today’s interior designers are in favor of using bright colors and attractive colors in the ceiling. According to them, the use of dark colors in the ceiling adds warmth to the image of the house, bringing a touch of intimacy to the decoration of the house.

16. Use large-sized artwork

When using artwork in the interior design of the house, try to make it large enough to be noticed at first sight when entering the house. Large artwork is more noticeable than multiple small artworks. When using small artwork, place it one after the other on the wall without scattering it.

17. Use the right size long screen

In many cases, the curtains are hung just above the window frame, but according to expert designers, the curtains should always be hung from a high point, as it makes the room look taller and changes the whole look of the room.

If the windows of the house are small, less light will actually make the room look bigger by using thin and long white curtains and the lack of light will feel less. According to designer Scott Mecham Wood, classic side panels need to buy curtains that touch the floor. If you want to buy ready made curtains, you need to buy a big screen and wrap the bottom. But small screens should not be used.

18. When it comes to bedroom decoration, give utmost importance to the comfort and choice of the client

The bedroom is the most private place for people, in this case, the user’s choice and comfort is the most important. It is more important to be comfortable than to look good in the clothes that you will use, including the bed in the bedroom.

Also, the decor of this room will depend entirely on the personal preferences of the customer. In the words of interior design experts Ali Vanderpool and Ariana Villanta, the design of the original bedroom may be completely different from the design of the rest of the house, the interior decoration of the bedroom is a true reflection of the user’s personality.

19. Use as many tiles as possible in the kitchen and bathroom

Attractive design and color tiles can change the volume of the kitchen and bathroom. Wrap the wall with tiles as much as possible. Choose other kitchen or bathroom materials based on the style of the tiles.

20. Get your design inspiration from nature

Over the centuries, interior designers have been collecting inspiration from nature for interior decoration. The combination of colors in the design, the light, the harmony are all the nature of inspiration. At the root of all our beauty consciousness is the aesthetics of nature. Observe nature closely. If necessary, take pictures and determine the color, light and rhythm of your interior design based on it.

Every interior design space is different, somewhere the light is less and somewhere space is smaller. Your job as an interior designer is to overcome these obstacles and use them in your interior design. No matter what kind of space you design, the most important thing is to pay attention to every detail and use your creativity. The above tips given by experts will give you an idea about the modern design trends, on the basis of which you can create the latest interior design.

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